Summary of 12 cases of wiring method

Summary of 12 cases of wiring method

1, the motor wiring

D6, D4, D5 connected, D1 ~ D3 connected to the power supply; for the △-type connection method, the D6, D4, D5 connected, D1 ~ D3 connected to the power supply; Connected with D1, D4 and D2 connection, D5 and D3 connection, and then D1 ~ D3 power supply. See Connection Connection shown in Figure 1.

                          Figure 1 three-phase AC motor Y-shaped and △-shaped wiring method

Two, three-phase hair dryer wiring

There are some three-phase hair dryer with six terminals, wiring method shown in Figure 2. Using △-type connection should be connected to 220V three-phase AC power supply, Y-connection method should be connected to 380V three-phase AC power supply. General 3-inch, 3.5-inch, 4-inch, 4.5-inch models according to this method. Other hair dryer should be connected to the nameplate on the nameplate.

                                Figure 2 three-phase hair dryer six lead-out terminal wiring method

3, single-phase capacitor running motor wiring

Single-phase motor wiring methods are many, if not required wiring, there will be burned the possibility of the motor. Therefore, in the wiring, be sure to see the nameplate on the wiring method.

Figure 247 for the IDD5032 single-phase capacitor running motor wiring method. Its power is 60W, the capacitor selection voltage 500V, the capacity of 4μF products. Figure 3 (a) for the positive transfer cable, Figure 3 (b) for the reverse wiring.

                           Figure 3 IDD5032 single-phase capacitor running motor wiring method

4, single-phase capacitor running motor wiring

                       Figure 4 JX07A-4 single-phase capacitor running motor wiring method

Figure 4 is JX07A-4 single-phase capacitor running motor wiring method. The motor power is 60W, with 220V / 50Hz AC power supply, the current is 0.5A. Its speed is 1400 revolutions per minute. Capacitors use voltage 400 ~ 500V, the capacity of 8μF products. Figure 4 (a) for the forward cable, Figure 4 (b) for the reverse wiring.

5, single-phase hair dryer wiring

                              Figure 5 single-phase hair dryer four lead-out terminal wiring method

Some single-phase hair dryer leads to four terminals, wiring method shown in Figure 5. Parallel connection should be used to access 110V AC power supply, the use of series connection should be connected to 220V AC power supply.

6, Y100LY series motor wiring

At present, Y series motors are widely used. Y series motor with small size, beautiful appearance, energy saving and so on. It is connected in two ways: one for the △ shape, its terminals W2 and U1 connected, U2 and V1 connected, V2 and W1 connected, and then connected to the power; the other for the Y-shaped, terminal W2, U2, V2 connected to the other three terminals U1, V1, W1 then power supply. Wiring is shown in Figure 6.

                                           Figure 6 Y100LY series motor wiring method

6, low voltage transformer short circuit protection line

At present, the machine work lights, line lamps are used low-voltage transformer to provide 36V safe voltage, because the lights in the use of regular movement, prone to short-circuit fault, causing the fuse to blow even burn the transformer. If you use 36V small intermediate relay or 36V AC contactor to do the transformer on-off switch, to avoid burning transformer. The lines are shown in Figure 7.

                                 Figure 7 low-voltage transformer short-circuit protection circuit

How it works: After closing the S, press the button SB1, the transformer power output 36V low voltage, making the relay or AC contactor KA pull. After the button SB1 is released, the KA self-locking contact keeps the KA held in and continues to turn on the power to the transformer. If the transformer secondary short-circuit fault, the relay coil voltage is zero, this time KA will power failure, the transformer power to disconnect, protect the transformer is not destroyed.

8, speed motor 2Y / 2Y wiring method

Figure 8 shows the 2Y / 2Y motor two-speed stator wire group lead wire wiring method. According to Figure 8 (a) is connected to a speed, according to Figure 8 (b) connected to another speed.

                                                     Figure 8 Two-speed motor 2Y / 2Y wiring method

9, DC electromagnet rapid demagnetization line

DC electromagnet power failure, due to the existence of remanence, and sometimes cause adverse consequences. Therefore, it is necessary to try to eliminate remanence. In Fig. 9, YA is a DC electromagnet coil, and KM is a contactor that controls the YA start and stop. KM pull-in, YA energized excitation; KM reset, YA disconnect DC, and rapid demagnetization.

The principle of rapid demagnetization is: DC electromagnet power, the AC power through the bridge rectifier and YA to charge the capacitor C, with the capacitor C voltage increases at both ends, the charging current is getting smaller and smaller, and through the YA current But also alternating, so that the rapid demagnetization of the electromagnet. Capacitor C capacity according to the actual situation of the electromagnet field decision. R is the discharge resistance.

                                                 Figure 9 DC electromagnet rapid demagnetization circuit

10, the lack of auxiliary contact AC contactor emergency wiring

When the auxiliary contact of the AC contactor can not be repaired and is in urgent need of use, the wiring method shown in Fig. 12 can be used to meet the emergency use requirements. Press SB1, AC contactor KM pull. Relax button SB1, KM contact doubles as self-locking contacts, so that the contactor self-locking, so KM still keep pulling.

SB2 in the figure for the stop button, in the stop, press the SB2 time to be longer. Otherwise, the hand release button, the contactor and then pull, so that the motor continues to run. This is because the power supply voltage is cut off, but due to the role of inertia, the motor rotor is still rotating, the stator winding will produce induced electromotive force, once the stop button is quickly reset, induced electromotive force directly on the contactor coil, , The motor continues to run. When the contactor coil voltage is 380V, it can be wired as shown in Fig. 12 (a); when the contactor coil voltage is 220V, connect it according to Fig. 12 (b). Figure 12 (a) of the wiring there are defects, that is, when the motor stops, the lead wire and the motor charged, so that maintenance is not safe. Therefore, this line can only be used in the emergency, and in the maintenance of the motor, the motor should be disconnected to control the total power switch QS, which should pay special attention.

                                               Figure 12 AC contactor with auxiliary contact

11, single-phase capacitor motor lines

Single-phase capacitor motor starting torque, start current is small, high power factor, widely used in household appliances, such as electric fans, washing machines. In order to facilitate the maintenance of the installation, now introduced the motor commonly used wiring method.

Figure 16 (a) for the reversible control circuit, the switch S2, can change the steering of the motor, the line is generally used for household washing machine.

Figure 16 (b) for the auxiliary winding with the wiring, toggle switch S, can change the auxiliary winding of the tap, that is, change the actual withstand voltage of the main winding, thus changing the motor speed, the wiring method commonly used in electric fans.

Figure 16 (c) for the reactor with the speed of the capacitor motor wiring lines. As the reactor winding (which plays a step-down role in the line), adjust the choke volume of the reactor winding, you can change the speed. This method is currently widely used in household fan lines. In the start of the motor is generally first set to "1" block, that is, high block, then the reactor does not access the line, so that the motor starts in full pressure, and then dial "2" block or any block to adjust the motor speed The

                                                   Figure 16 single-phase capacitor motor line

12, three-phase asynchronous motor to single-phase running line

If only single-phase power supply and three-phase asynchronous motor for use, can be used in parallel capacitance of the three-phase asynchronous motor to single-phase operation.

As shown in Figure 19: Figure (a) for the Y-connected motor connection method, Figure (b) for the △ connection motor connection method. In order to improve the starting torque, will start the capacitor CQ at the start of the access line, after the start of the exit.

Working capacitance CG capacity calculation formula:

CG = 1950I / U cosφ (μF)

Where: I for the motor rated current; U for the single-phase power supply voltage; cosφ for the motor power factor. When calculating the working capacitor, start the capacitor to use the working capacitance of 1 to 4 times.

                                  Figure 19 three-phase asynchronous motor to single-phase running line
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