a professional FA factory automation spare parts, non-standard automation, set design research and development, engineering design, manufacturing, sales and service in one. Companies to "safe", "modern", "reliable" and "stable" as the core value, to provide customers with high performance, high quality and efficient services for quality products.

    FA factory automation parts: the product includes the guide shaft and its bearing, fixed ring, linear bearings, oil-free bushings, guide plate, linear guide, ball screw, trapezoidal screw, coupling, slide, spring, Wheel with synchronous toothed belt, sprocket, chain, plunger, probe, locating pin and other automation equipment parts.

    Non-standard automation: Customized non-standard class of automation equipment based on customer requirements. The same is the field of automation, the function is based on the requirements of enterprise users and tailored design, custom automation machinery and equipment, its easy to operate, flexible not single, the function can be added to the user's request, can change the room.

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